Welcome! I’m Renee, a 34 year old small town girl, living in the city. I’m not a master blogger nor do I have great grammar, but I am a lover of all things that include decorating, gardening, designing, and anything beautiful in general. My style is more eclectic than anything. I like to decorate with things that make me smile. I follow no rules except what just looks great to me. Everyone keeps asking me how I make things, where I shop, and if I can help them decorate. So here goes…  I will try to upload my new ideas on home decor, Pinterest DIY projects, latest gardening, and anything else that might be inspiring eye candy. I will eventually try to include a page for things I make for sale…  eventually. Thanks for stopping by, Renee.

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Playing with Patterns

When I think of a fun place, I think of someplace colorful and cheerful. There is a great way to make your home both of those without breaking the bank by adding touches of fun, feisty patterns you can really liven up a place. While visiting Tim’s cousin’s... read more

Just a little Paint

Some of my favorite things in my home aren’t very expensive at all. As a matter of fact, some of the most loved pieces are our family pieces, and my yard sale scores. Today I want to share with you two of my bargain finds that just needed a little bit of love,... read more

Keep Wrinkles Out of your Rug

I never purchased an area rug until about 3 years ago. When I did, I put it over carpet in my bedroom, and it wrinkled up within a day. The one in the kitchen, I later bought, I put a thin rug gripper under to keep it from slipping. That worked and I hear tape does as... read more

Decorating with Cats in mind

It’s no secret I am a lover of cats. I am a border line crazy cat lady. Okay not really, I only have two and would only have had one, if my first was less antisocial. (Insert eye roll). However, when asked why I don’t have children, I would say I would, if... read more

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