Welcome! I’m Renee, a 34 year old small town girl, living in the city. I’m not a master blogger nor do I have great grammar, but I am a lover of all things that include decorating, gardening, designing, and anything beautiful in general. My style is more eclectic than anything. I like to decorate with things that make me smile. I follow no rules except what just looks great to me. Everyone keeps asking me how I make things, where I shop, and if I can help them decorate. So here goes…  I will try to upload my new ideas on home decor, Pinterest DIY projects, latest gardening, and anything else that might be inspiring eye candy. I will eventually try to include a page for things I make for sale…  eventually. Thanks for stopping by, Renee.

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Dining Room Chandelier D.I.Y. Style

Have you missed me? Well I have been posting up on Instagram but haven’t updated my blog much, so I am working overtime on it now with so much to share with you. Let’s start with the dining room. It has been that one room that I don’t like to look... read more

Another Garden Tour

Let me take you along on another southern Illinois garden tour. I’m going to call it Bunny Farm and you will soon see why.These are the gardens of Bonnie and Steve Clarke. They have spent many years laying rocks and stone. Planting and replanting. Even building... read more

Mid-century Modern

My eat-in kitchen table area has been a hodge podge of things I love, mixed with anything that will cover the nail holes till we paint. Yes, sometimes you have to simplify life and just cover up the ugly! Then, I realized that the mid-century modern  hutch I bought to... read more

Playing with Patterns

When I think of a fun place, I think of someplace colorful and cheerful. There is a great way to make your home both of those without breaking the bank by adding touches of fun, feisty patterns you can really liven up a place. While visiting Tim’s cousin’s... read more

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Morning! It's a beautiful day today! New blog post up! Check it! I did not complete any diy projects yesterday but did get to enjoy the day in our pool. Hope you have a great Sunday! Wall color In the Navy @sherwinwilliams navy pillow shams and light from @potterybarnoutlet_memphis bed @target #allthingsrenee #blue #navyblue #masterbedroom #decor #homedecor #instadecor #instahomedecor #sherwinwilliams #potterybarn #targethome #mybhg #homegoods #walltowallstyle
Good morning! I'm off to buy a mouse sander and have some diy fun. Moving things around again. I bought this framed picture for $1 at a yardsale last week, two deer heads for a dollar months ago at another sale and the lighted cloche for only $3 @marshalls . Have a great weekend my friends! I'm hoping to break a sweat on this hot humid day and then jump in our pool. Are you up to any projects? #diyer #allthingsrenee #decor #instadecor #interiorstyle #interiorstyling #rearranging #homedecor #decoratingideas #homeinspo #eclecticdecor #eclectic #eclectichome #bhg #bluepaint #designspiration #designsponge #thriftstorefinds #thriftedhome #frugaldecor #yardsalefinds
Look what I scored! I only bought one, but if you are in the Memphis area and want one I could hook you up. Looks like I found my weekend diy! Now where too put it and what color. I think I will either stain it a gray or paint it white. Or maybe black...who knows...😜 Thoughts? It's big like 74" long. #allthingsrenee #arches #wooddecor #diy #diyer #diyblogger #decorideas #diyproject #wood
Want to get to know me? I would love to hear about you as well. I was tagged by @townhouse_living_nz to post #20thingsaboutme .Check her out if you aren't following her, you won't be disappointed she is #onetofollow .So here goes I will tell you 20 facts and tag a few others to play along.
1. If you haven't figured it out my name is Renee. 2. That is my great grandmother in the picture of hollyhocks. My father gave me my grandmother's name Lucille as my middle name.
3. I grew up in Illinois, USA.  4. I have moved more than 25 times in my 37 years and no I'm not a military kid.
5. I now live in Tn, USA and love it here.
7. I have a love/hate relationship with my natural curly hair.
8. I don't have any children and don't want any.
9. I work as a nanny because I ❤️kids even though I don't want them for myself! For some reason I'm very patient and kids can be so much fun! 
10. Blue has and always will be my favorite color, besides it matches my eyes😉.
11. I hate any kind of beans. I don't care how they are cooked I will not eat them.
12. I prefer to spend money on our home rather than on clothing and such. I rarely buy something that is not on sale or a thrift item, without thoroughly researching that it is the best buy.
13. I have been through mental abuse and it broke me almost, but I choose to become stronger and not give up on myself. I had lost who I was and what I liked, It took time to find myself again and now ❤️ who I am.
15. I ❤️ cats. If I had to give birth it would be to a cat😳. I mean you don't even have to change their diapers. (I promise I'm not a crazy cat lady)
17. I horde my decor magazines. No one is  allowed to place a cup on them and use them as a clipboard to write on top of, or they will get the stink eye.
18. I have 100 decor ideas in my head at all times.
19. I have two older sisters that are really artistically talented. I only have half their talent.
20. (Are you seriously still reading?) I love to give more than receive.  Tagging @the_burg_nest @quirkt_n_thrifted  @freshzenhome
Good morning! I have decided to take time today to update my blog and start posting again every week. If you haven't checked it out before please do, and and let me know if you have a blog as well, so I can take a look and get inspiration! Remember how we changed out the upper pulls in the kitchen and I planned on spray painting the lower ones? Well I still haven't finished the lower now I'm starting to like the mix of silver with the the brass and glass uppers. What are your thoughts? #kitchen #kitchenremodel #whitecabinets #marbletile #herringbone #kitchenhardware #pulls #homedetails #instakitchen #instadecor #homedecor #kitcheninspo #kitchenideas #bhg #diy #diyblogger #diyblog #diyer #blackandwhitekitchen #brasshardware #lowes #hgtv #backsplash #kitchenview #tuesdaydwellings #decor
Found this orchid for only $7.99 at Kroger! Made my grocery shopping much more enjoyable with this beauty in my cart. Happy humpday friends! #orchid #plantsofinstagram #instadecor #indoorplants #kitchenplants #blooms #gardening #plantslovers #myhomestyle #whyiadoreyouwednesday #tuesdaydwellings #homestyle #kitchenlove #prettyplants #plantdecor #homedecor #betterhomesandgardens #plantsmakepeoplehappy #herringbone #marbletile #houseplants

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