Welcome! I’m Renee, a 34 year old small town girl, living in the city. I’m not a master blogger nor do I have great grammar, but I am a lover of all things that include decorating, gardening, designing, and anything beautiful in general. My style is more eclectic than anything. I like to decorate with things that make me smile. I follow no rules except what just looks great to me. Everyone keeps asking me how I make things, where I shop, and if I can help them decorate. So here goes…  I will try to upload my new ideas on home decor, Pinterest DIY projects, latest gardening, and anything else that might be inspiring eye candy. I will eventually try to include a page for things I make for sale…  eventually. Thanks for stopping by, Renee.

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Where I found It

My House

Get a glimpse from the inside and learn all about how I decorate my home

Our Den

We knew our den was a room that we would be spending a lot of time in, as a family. Unfortunately, it needed an overhaul to make it work. We had a contractor come check it out before we even moved in, so they could get it done, as soon as we had the keys. This... read more

D.I.Y. Wall Stenciling

Have you ever wondered how hard stenciling a wall really is? Well I always thought it looked complicated, but I can tell you it is pretty simple! Well of course that is if you pick out a simple pattern, that doesn’t have to line up. I have been wanting to update... read more

Planters on a Budget|Guest Post

Hello! Thank you to Renee for letting me guest post. I am an Interior Designer and just a girl who likes to have a pretty home with not spending my whole paycheck on decor. Well, let’s be honest, I would love to spend all of my money on accessories, but my... read more

Budget Photo Gallery|Craft Room

Over the weekend my husband and I had family come over for a Fourth of July cookout. We had a lot of fun and I always love an excuse to bake, and a way to encourage my husband to help with projects. Last month my husband painted my craft room for me, so it would blend... read more

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