Welcome! I’m Renee, a 34 year old small town girl, living in the city. I’m not a master blogger nor do I have great grammar, but I am a lover of all things that include decorating, gardening, designing, and anything beautiful in general. My style is more eclectic than anything. I like to decorate with things that make me smile. I follow no rules except what just looks great to me. Everyone keeps asking me how I make things, where I shop, and if I can help them decorate. So here goes…  I will try to upload my new ideas on home decor, Pinterest DIY projects, latest gardening, and anything else that might be inspiring eye candy. I will eventually try to include a page for things I make for sale…  eventually. Thanks for stopping by, Renee.

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Another Garden Tour

Let me take you along on another southern Illinois garden tour. I’m going to call it Bunny Farm and you will soon see why.These are the gardens of Bonnie and Steve Clarke. They have spent many years laying rocks and stone. Planting and replanting. Even building... read more

Mid-century Modern

My eat-in kitchen table area has been a hodge podge of things I love, mixed with anything that will cover the nail holes till we paint. Yes, sometimes you have to simplify life and just cover up the ugly! Then, I realized that the mid-century modern  hutch I bought to... read more

Playing with Patterns

When I think of a fun place, I think of someplace colorful and cheerful. There is a great way to make your home both of those without breaking the bank by adding touches of fun, feisty patterns you can really liven up a place. While visiting Tim’s cousin’s... read more

Just a little Paint

Some of my favorite things in my home aren’t very expensive at all. As a matter of fact, some of the most loved pieces are our family pieces, and my yard sale scores. Today I want to share with you two of my bargain finds that just needed a little bit of love,... read more

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Trying to explain to Sir Brunswick how perfect he looks against our rug and striped wall. I think he already knows it. #allthingsrenee #homeinspo #interiorstyling #countryliving #bhg #sirbrunswick #cat #catsofinstagram #persiancat #blackcatsofinstagram #decor #blackandwhitedecor #rugsusa @rugs_usa
Good morning! 🌞 I'm going to start sanding my table legs today. Hopefully even putty them. Cross your fingers that I can fill in the gaps and make it look smooth! #instadecor #diy #homedecor #decor #interiorstyling #homeinspo #allthingsrenee #bhg #countryliving
Isn't this just lovely. Walking through greenhouses this morning. #allthingsrenee #succulents #plants #greenhouse #bhg #gardening #plants
Good Morning!!! About to grab Sir Brunswick to take him to the groomer today. Say goodbye to all the fur. Worst part is the traffic to downtown Memphis at this time. I am also thinking about taking this table out of this room and replacing it with another I'm about to refinish. It's a really cool Jacobean table. Hmmmm..... #allthingsrenee #bigben #instadecor #instahomedecor #decor #diy #diyer #hgtv #bhg #catsofinstagram #sirbrunswick #mural #wallart
I took this washi tape off. I enjoyed it for a bit. Then it began to look just like tape on a door, and I had to rip it off. Nightly night all. #washitape #instadecor #instahomedecor #decor #diy #hgtv #diyer #stripes #allthingsrenee #homedecor #decorinspiration #bhg
I'm so not perfect at embroidery, but it is relaxing to me! I can't believe that right now I am just so happy my cat threw up. Seriously, Lord Tilden finally threw up part of a toy he swallowed . That is the first and last time I will ever look forward to my cat throwing up. Well, hopefully....😬#cat #catlife #embroidery #allthingsrenee #lordtilden #instacraft #diy #diycrafts #funnysayings #diyer #ucat2bkittenmerightmeow

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