Have you missed me? Well I have been posting up on Instagram but haven’t updated my blog much, so I am working overtime on it now with so much to share with you. Let’s start with the dining room. It has been that one room that I don’t like to look at. Well that all changed once my husband hung up my empire chandelier! I did a quick D.I.Y. on it and made it more me. So here is my dining room chandelier diy style:

Isn’t it such a classic?  I scored this on eBay for about $125. I have included links to items similar to mine, throughout this post if you’re interested.

The only thing I was not a fan of was the candelabra sleeves and the very orangish gold of the frame. The stock photo made the sleeves look gold, but in reality they looked like the below picture. I knew this all could easily be fixed with just a touch up of spray paint.

I always have spray paint laying around from various projects. I sprayed the frame 18 KT Gold by Krylon. Then, after looking at the hideous sleeves for over a week, inspiration hit me. I was going to paint them your basic white but I didn’t have any white spray paint. I did have this pretty aqua (It looks more minty to me) though and thought why not? Plus, I’m impatient!

I’m not sponsored by Krylon for this, it’s just a really great paint.

I wasn’t sure if I would love it or not, but knew I could just paint over it if I wasn’t feel’n it. However, I love it!

I added a few brooches as well, because hey I’m over the top and don’t care what others think. Well, kind of!

I also added a cool Greek head to cover up the light switch.

Genius, right?

I found some pretty fur at Hobby Lobby to reupholster my dining chairs again and also used a small fur rug to cover the captain chairs. I added some art on the other side of the chalkboard to balance out the Greek head.

For my birthday my husband bought this framed Ruben Ireland print for me and I added the small sign above it. The sign I bought at a yard sale for only 25 cents.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my dining room chandelier! I have so much more to share with you!!

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