I was growing bored of my blank walls in the dining room and not wanting to spend money on wallpaper….I decided to make my own mural. If you have watched Disney’s Tangled this is my version of Rapunzel painting her tower. Here is the before:

I decided to just do the one wall.

Plenty of empty space to fill.

I grabbed my acrylic paints and just did whatever I felt. I knew I could simply paint over it if I didn’t like the end result. I had considered using a marker so I could make nice clean lines, but it is also hard to paint over the marker without it bleeding through. So, acrylics for the win. Here is a time lapse of me painting.

After painting this half, I decided it was way too dark. So, I used softer colors for the rest.

The softer looked better but I decided I didn’t like it. I started to paint over it, when I noticed how nice just a slight white washing looked. It began to mute it and make it look older.


I decided instead of painting over it I would just mute it all with a light coat of paint. It made the colors fade just perfectly and I began to like it again. I continued to finish it and white wash the areas as they dried. Below you can see the difference of the white washed compared to the before areas.




l also painted over the venus flytrap with flowers, as it just didn’t look right. See, I already fixed a mistake as if it was never there!

It’s hard to photograph how it really looks. I wanted to include a time lapse of me white washing it, but I can’t find it, so I have included a link to where I posted it on my Instagram account. I was adding new areas and going back to whitewash dry areas. I did the left and right side first, then finished the middle. I have no idea why, it’s just how it worked for me.  Click here to see a quick time lapse of the whitewashing process.

The final picture also has some of my paintings resting on the ledge until I decided where to hang them permanently. I currently am happy with it. It may not stay forever but it was so much fun to do, and completely original.  It just fun to break out of the box sometimes and not be afraid of doing something different.

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