Some of my favorite things in my home aren’t very expensive at all. As a matter of fact, some of the most loved pieces are our family pieces, and my yard sale scores. Today I want to share with you two of my bargain finds that just needed a little bit of love, and just a little paint. I also have another piece that is in the process of being repainted for like the thousandth time! Ugh…. I will share with you it’s current state . Hopefully, this will inspire you to look harder at that $5 table you spot and see it in a whole new light while also saving you $100s!

I try to save cash when I can and only splurge on must haves. If you look at Facebook resale pages and yard sales, you are certain to find many good solid pieces of furniture that won’t bust your wallet. Case in point: I have been using a TV tray for my nightstand, with a table cloth over it. It has served it’s purpose well and actually hasn’t looked bad. However, I have been on the lookout for a nice solid nightstand with a drawer. Our closet doors are right next to my side of the bed, so I needed a narrow one. I ended up coming across one that met my measurements on a resale page. It is sturdy and solid; was only $10, and came with tons of free dirt and dust. However, I had a vision for it!

That vision included my white leftover paint and a beautiful lucite and brass handle from Hobby Lobby. With it being 50% off, the handle was only $5! Score!

So, after much sanding with a mouse sander, wood putty (that I got on sale for half off) on all the cracks, my husband drilling the holes (yes, he told me not to leave out that he drilled the holes), and a little paint (leftover from the kitchen) it turned out just as I imagined it would.

Not bad for $15 and a little bit of time, right?!? It also has a nice spot to store my books. Here is a little cash saving tip: If you love design books but don’t want to spend a whole lot on one (before knowing if you will even want to look at them again), then hit up your library. Some of these are well over $30. So, I get them at the library to read for free and if I can’t put it down, then I buy it! I do have a collection that I love to look at again and again. One year my husband surprised me by buying all the ones I had on my Amazon wishlist!  I would have put more on that list if I would have known! Ha ha!

Now, for a very simple makeover- I wanted a way to add storage to my walk- in closet. No, it is not one of those huge ones you can spin in, but is plenty big for me (as soon as I declutter it…). So I came across a chest for $50. I wasn’t planning on spending that much, but once I measured and it fit perfect, I had to go for it. It was dated with a faux marble top.

I loved the trim details and the handles so all I did was sand it a bit, and add two coats of left over paint. (Yes, I’m sooo stocked in left over paint.)

It is so pretty now!

Last but not least- As you know we just redid a lot of our kitchen, the cabinets, and backsplash. Well, it of course made me want to change the areas that surround it like the eat in kitchen area. That has been a mish mesh of things. So, once I spied a gorgeous mid-century hutch, I thought, yes! Okay, well at first I intended it for my game room and painted it a glossy black. The paint ran all over the place! I know, I’m an awful painter on all big projects! At that point I started thinking how great it would be in my eat in kitchen against the wall. It would completely hide the TV( my husband insists must remain). I measured and it fit perfectly.

Imagine the dresser and pictures gone, with just a beautiful blue hutch:

So I decide it must be a dark blue for the kitchen. I went to Lowe’s and had them custom mix a color that ended up looking nothing like it was supposed to. So, I bought more paint and my husband sanded it. Luckily my neighbor’s boyfriend that is a professional painter stepped in with his spray gun. The paint no longer has runs, but once again it was the wrong color! Ugh! So, after having this take up the garage for more than a month, we are planning to get it the perfect color this weekend. Stay tuned to see it finished. I have a few other surprises up my sleeve that will hopefully work.

Here it is currently. Waiting to be painted yet again! It actually looks kinda cool like this, but not the direction I’m going for.

Thanks for dropping by! I hope I inspired you to think of up-cycling dated pieces. It really is a fun way to add your own touch to your home.  Sign up to get the latest updates. Also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.










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