My eat-in kitchen table area has been a hodge podge of things I love, mixed with anything that will cover the nail holes till we paint. Yes, sometimes you have to simplify life and just cover up the ugly! Then, I realized that the mid-century modern ¬†hutch I bought to use as a bookcase in my game room, would be even better here in the eat-in area! I measured it and it fit perfectly! It would cover most of the wall and nails ūüėČ All it needed was a pop of color to liven up the area. I found it on a Facebook resale page for only $100 and the person was also kind enough to deliver it for us. I can’t count the number of times I have wished I had a truck to haul things!!

Here is the “before”, after sanding:

I loved the hardware and the clean lines. It has that cool, yet simple mid-century modern thing going for it.  I sanded it all down. Then I bought some black paint and proceeded getting to work, making it look like a child spray painted it. (Really, it was that bad!)

I sanded it again and repainted it only making it look worse. It was at this point of having it sit in the garage taking up all the available car space that I realized it would be perfect in the kitchen. ¬†It would be a definite standout. I was super thrilled at just the thought but Tim was not. The hardest part was convincing my husband to move the dog kennel and allow me to hide the ever present TV in the kitchen. (Seriously who wants a stinky dog kennel next to the table!) My selling point was when I told him he wouldn’t have to carry it up the stairs to the game room. MUh ha ha! So, after getting his okay, I ran off to the store to get the perfect shade of blue. I wanted it to be similar to the color of the pillows on our bed (but not the same as our bedroom wall), a deep dark blue that would stand out with the hardware.

The perfect shade of blue turned out to be nothing at all as planned. After two coats I returned it for another, then bought another, and finally the perfect shade, choosing the same color as the master bedroom,¬†In the Navy, by Sherwin Williams. I know, it’s embarrassing to admit it. If only I would have started with that color! ¬†Luckily at this point a kind neighbor that is a professional painter offered his assistance. In order to hide the TV we mirrored the glass with looking glass spray. Only two of the doors were removable, so we had to get creative on painting the other two. The paint has to be sprayed from the inside. Also I wanted to make it look antique using vinegar and water spritzed on with a spray bottle. The vinegar and water mixture ran every time we went to spray over it with the spray paint with the cabinet standing vertically.

Here is the spray:

Tim came up with the perfect solution by laying the cabinet on it’s back, with the front side up. ¬†Then reaching in and spraying upwards on the glass. I had my doubts, but as always my guy knew what he was talking about. This way it had no way of running down the glass and the paint sticks in place to the spot sprayed. It was also the perfect way to paint the whole cabinet.

I have been practicing the antiquing of the glass for months, on cheap framed glass from Dollar Tree. I tried with black spray paint as the background and gold. I really liked how they both looked, but in the end settled on gold. Here was my teaser from many months ago.

Well it’s a little later than next time, but I am here now! I’m sure you have seen the process before from Pinterest. If not, below are the basic steps:

  1. Mix one part water to one part vinegar. Depending on your project, you can either spray it on using a spray bottle, or use your hands to flick it on.  Of course we had to spray it on since we were spraying upwards. Do wear gloves to protect yourself! It is very strong too, so be sure to be in a well ventilated place.
  2. Spray right over it with the looking glass spray paint.  Note: you are spraying and putting the mixture on the backside not the part facing out.
  3. After a few minutes blot off excess drops of mixture, ever so gently. I used a cloth rag.
  4. Let it dry and repeat with spray paint if need. You will notice it changing colors rather quickly.
  5. Seal it by painting over it with any color of your choice. I think clear, gold, and black look most natural. That’s it!


Now, back to the cabinet. I knew the deep blue would stand out with the hardware. Isn’t this beautiful?

It was missing knobs on the front bottom sides. I found the perfect match at Hobby Lobby. I paid around $6 total for both.¬†If you don’t have a hobby lobby near you there are a lot to choose from online for great prices. Here is one on Amazon for only around $7.

Or this one:

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen this piece of trim I scored.

Well, I had no idea where to put it, until I looked up at the hutch and saw nail holes above it. That’s right, the perfect cover up and it looks beautiful here! This is a great idea if you are like me and can’t afford your dream molding/trim. Even small scraps displayed can make a nice impact.

I have rearranged it many times. Not sure which I like best. What do you think? Heads, or no heads? I will change it whenever I get bored. I did just add this great piece of art by Ruben Ireland and love it here. It’s called Mrs. Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction which is also my husband’s favorite movie, and one I don’t like. However, I do love Uma).


You can find a smaller print of it by clicking the picture below.

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