I don’t think of myself as a talented artist, however painting and making art has always been a creative way to express myself and fully let all stress go. Well that and kickboxing. Nothing like kicking and punches at some bags!

All of the women in my family have art running through their veins. I grew up watching my sisters draw life-like images, and my mother made all sorts of things for our home. I sometimes made things to sell at the craft fairs with her. Remember when the lace teddy bears were a thing? I cringe looking back at all those pearls and lace!

Lately I have been picking up paintbrushes and painting whatever my heart desires.

Most recently I had been wanting to find a painting for my kitchen. Everything I loved was way out of my price range. So instead I decided to paint my own. I set out with a color scheme in mind and just went with it.

Perfection was not my plan, just a beautiful explosion of color.

Here was the spot before hanging my painting:

I think it has really brightened up this corner.

Just wanting to share a glimpse of my world with you. Anything you make for your home instead of buying?

If you’re interested in buying any of my paintings do drop me a line!


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