When I think of a fun place, I think of someplace colorful and cheerful. There is a great way to make your home both of those without breaking the bank by adding touches of fun, feisty patterns you can really liven up a place.

While visiting Tim’s cousin’s house, I was inspired with the amazing interior full of bold color and patterns throughout her home. From the rugs to the door knobs there were fine details everywhere. It was all designed with great attention to detail. Overall, it made one beautiful statement that is her personality in a nutshell.

I immediately started using her home as an inspiration to decorating mine. I may not be able to afford high end pieces, but could still incorporate the details and patterns throughout.

So, I researched for a bright rug for the kitchen. One that made me think of a fine bright patterned Persian rug, without the price tag. This my husband agreed to for my late Christmas present. Although he did say he was never taking me back to his cousin’s house because it was “too inspiring to me”. Ha ha!

I’m sure you noticed this rug on my kitchen backsplash post, if not, here it is again. Isn’t the pattern amazing!?! Also Lord Tilden’s tail is just sooo fluffy I had to share!

Well, that rug led me to think about getting a runner in a fun black/white pattern to go on the other side of the kitchen by the two pantries. I manged to find a beautiful one with a lovely pattern and nice thickness for less than $70. I spent less than $300 on both rugs! Happy dancing!!

Sir Brunswick has claimed it as his own.


I love how both rugs are totally different yet go together well. One thing my husband quickly pointed out was we could no longer open those doors with the rug in the way! Ugh, at least they are in an area that is rarely used, so we can push the rug back when needed.

The next thought that came to mind, was that the black and white rug is drawing attention to the door and area surrounding it. Remember I used that area as my first attempt to stencil? Well, I did it there on the beige walls because I knew I could just paint over it if it didn’t look so great. I loved it for the first week. Then it began to nag at me and the rug seem to be a big arrow pointing to it saying,”Look at that sad area”!

See? It was screaming for help. I decided just painting the door would help. I poured over paint colors for the door. My husband insisted no pink. Many told me purple or teal; however, those are just not me. Then, I bought myself this amazing Alice in Wonderland doorplate that had been sitting in my online shopping cart for like a year. It took my mind off the door color.

It is two pieces with adhesive on the back that fit around your doorknob. I moved it from door to door and realized I had to put it somewhere that the door would remain closed, most of the time or you would never see it. I ended up deciding to put it on the door to the laundry room in the same area that I stenciled over the beige wall, and was contemplating painting the door. As you can guess, the beige realllllly was’t working for me now. I studied and priced many beautiful wallpapers that would look stunning here, all the while my husband raised his eyebrows and ignored my exclamations that this would look amazing here! It would be a statement as soon as you walk in! A week later this ended with me saying, “Fine, you won’t have to help, I will do it on my own.” While secretly hoping he would say, “Oh honey, I will help you.” Reality sank in when I realized that it would cost a minimum of $300 to do this tiny area! As much as in my dreams I imagine I am a high paid designer (that only designs for kind loving people that are amazed by my natural talent), the reality is I am just a nanny with a big imagination and smaller wallet.

So, the next day I was sitting at my kitchen table reading over Elements of Style by Erin Gates:

(If you don’t have this book, run out and get it! It is down to earth funny and full of great tips and beautiful photos. Plus, when I posted up on Instagram how much I loved her book, she told me thank you! That’s right, I love her even more knowing she listens to her fans.) Here is a link to purchase it:

The spine of the book is done in a black and white stripe. I kept looking from the spine to my blah wall and thinking oh yeah! I hadn’t done a striped wall since our last house’s laundry room. I knew this I could afford and had plenty of black paint leftover. In other words, it would only cost me a bucket of white paint and tape to do! Yea!

The beginning:

It would have been easier if the wall was already white, then I would only have to do black stripes. That would make my life too simple though. The first day I did the black stripes and let them dry. (Half way through, I noticed my tape measure had pushed in and I was now making all stripes two inches shorter! So, here is a pro tip when striping- Don’t use a tape measure to measure your stripes, stick with a regular ruler!) Then, the next day I pulled off the tape and retaped, this time to cover the black edge of the stripes  to make the white stripes.

I took this picture and showed it on Instagram as I was so excited and could see it all finished in my mind’s eye. So here is the after…(sorry for the bad lighting!)

This is the view now from the kitchen:

Views from the kitchen table:

View from the entry:

Looking straight on:

I really really love it! It screams happiness!


So there you have it, my latest update on playing with patterns around my kitchen. I felt I could go bolder than I ever had before with the light colored background of the kitchen.  (Okay, well maybe not my boldest ever if you have known me for a long time you may remember my hot pink bedroom as a child, or my bright yellow couch with flowers in my first apartment. Trust me they sound crazy now, but very IN at the time. I still have that flowered couch, but it is currently covered in a white slipcover that barely masks those bold flowers. Any furniture people want to sponsor a couch for me? No? Hey, it was worth a shot.) Some areas of my house are plain and I feel I need those areas as well for it to all come together and not be overwhelming. Hopefully, sometime before I croak, I will have my cabinet for the kitchen done in the right color to share with you. It will be my finishing touch to the kitchen area.














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