Let me take you along on another southern Illinois garden tour. I’m going to call it Bunny Farm and you will soon see why.These are the gardens of Bonnie and Steve Clarke. They have spent many years laying rocks and stone. Planting and replanting. Even building structures themselves. They are long time friends of mine. Bonnie sparked a fire in my desire of learning all about gardening. So follow me along on another garden tour of Bonnie’s and Steve’s beautiful yard. Or should we say acres….

That’s right! Can you imagine this street sign as part of the directions to your home!?! This is every little girl’s dream. Oh, and yes you will see bunnies darting about.

Oh yes, we all love peonies!

I remember when she planted this weeping cherry, it was a gift from Steve. It was a skinny trunk then. Now it its big, thick and a major focal point.

You can’t ever see enough peonies….

Or wisteria….

Loads of azaleas in bloom.

I love the color choices of rock and stone they picked. They blend and complement each other and the surroundings perfectly.

Seriously, you guys are welcome to come build pathways for me anytime!

How about drooling over more peonies? This time a yellow one next to her Japanese maple as the perfect companion.

Her English roses were so fragrant!! Don’t you just love the old fashioned cabbage roses!?!


It was hard to get good lighting on the clematises.

Every iris deserves some ruffles.

This beauty of a rose is named Sentimental.

Thanks for coming along on another garden tour! Thanks Bonnie and Steve for sharing your lovely gardens with us!



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