Heyyy Baddies, It's yours truly, LeNiah. Everything I do is for my heart even though she's not here with me anymore. My Nana was a QUEEN, so I move in her honor.

Here at All Things Renee, we come from the Queen of all baddies, Renee herself. You could never catch my baby half stepping, even on her worst days.  It was no secret that my baby was that girl and had the whole set up every time. I'm talking about BIG STEPPER. From the earrings to the polish color on her toes, she really ate the girls up. It didn't matter where she was going, or what she had planned, she was always dressed to impress. And baby she stood on that. She made sure we knew it was always top priority to keep ourselves looking the best. We were always told that when we stepped foot off the porch, we were representing our entire family and when you come from a huge family like mine, that's a lot of weight to carry. When I  lost my love, I knew it was only right that I  started something to keep her legacy alive. That's when All Thing Renee was born. It's all about keeping the promises I made and making sure EVERY BODY keep their foot on these girls necks.