It’s no secret I am a lover of cats. I am a border line crazy cat lady. Okay not really, I only have two and would only have had one, if my first was less antisocial. (Insert eye roll). However, when asked why I don’t have children, I would say I would, if I could, give birth to kittens! (I know you want to steal my motto now, admit it!) I have many friends that ask me for cat advice, since I have had them since childhood, and decided it was time for me to do a post on decorating with cats in mind.

So here are the top 5 must haves. Not just cute must haves, but must haves to make your home function smoothly with cats in mind.

1. A Good Brush= Fur Free Home

I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with decorating?!? Well, Sir Brunswick is a doll face persian and Lord Tilden is a flat faced persian. That being said they have lots and lots of fur! So the first thing I would suggest for all cat owners regardless of long or short is a nice comb. A lovely couch can be ruined with a clump of cat hair! Not to mention hairballs! Or better yet, even if you are a crazy cat lady, do you want your clothes to tell everyone before you do? Cat fur totally takes away from that chic look you’re trying to pull off. So for the sake of your home, your cat’s happiness, and health, invest in a good comb and start combing your cat everyday from the first day you get them.

If you have a very fluffy cat, choose one that combs out the under coat (also great for dogs). They are more expensive but OH SO worth it! This looks like I’m torturing Sir Brunswick but he actually throws his arms up wanting his belly combed. A cheap flea comb is always good to have as well to get some tangles out. You will still need some sticky lint rollers, but this will reduce the hair everywhere by a huge amount.

Oh yeah, and that is not the only kind of brush you should get…how about a toothbrush?

That’s right, your cat may have bad breath too! Not to mention it is quite common for plaque and build up to become an issue without routine teeth cleaning. Believe it or not, my cats actually enjoy having their teeth brushed! That is because the toothpaste comes in different flavors cats love. Think poultry and salmon. You know just what you would love to brush your teeth with! You can get a tiny tooth brush and a slip on finger tooth brush. the finger brush which sounds best but actually was too big for my cats mouth, and I prefer the toothbrush. The toothpaste does not foam and they can eat it. Try doing this twice a week to keep you and fluffy happy for the long term. Here is a short clip of Lord Tilden pretty much brushing his own teeth;

Here are some links to keep your home and kitty clump and tartar free:

Here is an undercoat brush for a great price and a Flea comb on the right both from Amazon. I found the flea combs from Walmart work best without the tines breaking.


I found the toothbrush set is less expensive through Amazon than at Petco.

2. Scratching Post = Nonraveled Curtains

You can buy these cheap everywhere and it’s easy to train your little furry butt to use this, instead of that velvet tufted couch of yours. However, I suggest why not buy one that matches your decor? Who wants an ugly post standing out in their room?!?( Okay, I do have a few ugly ones scattered about, and always put them up when company comes. You can find them real inexpensive at Dollar General. However I’m saving up for a prettier one.) Just stick them on it every time you see them starting to scratch something. Eventually they will only go to this. (If they like you!)

I must also say please do not declaw your cat, in fact you can easily clip those razors and keep them so short,they won’t be able to give you cat scratch fever. When you have your kitty relaxed, hold their paw and push gently on the paw pad to extend the massive claws. Don’t forget to clip the dew claws as well.

Then clip off the clear, making sure not to clip back to where it is pink. If the furry one starts to get restless stop clipping and return to it again when he or she is relaxed. Trust me, my life has changed since I started to do this! No more scratches! You will have to do it weekly, or even twice a week as they grow out fast. I taught my cat to enjoy it by massaging his cute little paws daily. He doesn’t even notice now. However, you will still need a scratching post whether you trim the daggers or not. It is in their instincts. So why not check out these:

For the hip home:

Every up and coming cat DJ needs a turntable. If you want them off your laptop, how about getting them their own?

For the clean modern look, this one has came a long way from the brown carpet covered stands:


3. Toys= Free entertainment for you

Now that you know how to rid your house of fur and claw marks, lets move on to the the fun and cute toys. The perfect way to bond.You can find cat toys everywhere, just be cautious of cheap toys where small parts can come off and choke them. I have found many nice ones at Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.  My cats do not have the same taste in toys. So sometimes money can easily be wasted on something I think they will love, to only find them playing in the box it came in.  Want an original or custom toy for your kitty? How about make one yourself, or check out Etsy. Why not help support an entrepreneur? Here are a few of my Etsy picks, picture will link to their shop:

Why not some hot lips?

mage source-smilingfrogpets

Or sweet bunnies in time for Easter…

image source-smilingfrogpets

I wish I could crochet, because these are darling!

image source-CherryWillowPets

Here is a coupon code Web Boutique Crafts is offering: ENJOY10 for 10% off

image source-WebBoutiqueCrafts

How about a shark?

image source-TheFeltedPet

Or a tattoo for your kitty?

image source-TheFeltedPet

Or a toy that is customized to look like your pet?

image source-VonSelfies

Sir Brunswick’s favorite toy is the laser pointer. He loves to jump for it and will even go to the wall I always point it at, and sit there looking from it to me. Yes, he is smart enough to know I am the one that points it. Yet he still thinks he can catch it…

You can buy a three pack for less than $10 and keep them in each room.

Lord Tilden and Sir Brunswick also recommend a wand toy. Here is a darling one made by Martha Stewart from Petco. This was Sir Brunswick’s first toy.

It’s always a good idea to have some cute balls for them to play soccer with. These wool rainbow ones would be easy for them to paw around with.

As well as this maze, which is under $12 on prime and can be easily put under the bed or couch when you have a get together. (Less expensive than what I spent on mine from Marshalls.):

4.  Tunnels and Boxes 

Okay so this could fall under toys, but I decided to make it is it’s own must. A tunnel that makes a crinkly sounds is always a fun time. Bonus these can collapse flat and come in all colors. You can pretty much buy them anywhere for a great price. They are usually less than $20 depending on the size. Here are one’s I found to be the cutest, that will add a fun pattern to your room.


As I mentioned before, and any cat owner knows, leave an empty box laying on the floor and you will find your cat in it. (Great excuse for me to add a photo of Sir Brunswick in a box.)

So why not decorate one and make it fun? You can turn it into your own dream design without spending much. Oh and if they grow bored of it, you can just recycle it without throwing money away. I found a great book at the library for D.I.Y. Cat Castles by Carin Oliver.


I attempted one, not by following directions (if I would have, it would have looked so much better), but by just piecing what I had together. Lord Tilden enjoys it regardless of how uneven it is! I will have to try to make one following instructions the next time.

Don’t feel like it? Check these adorable ones you can get with just a click on Amazon:

Pretty neat,huh?

5. Water and Food Bowls

They make all kinds of pretty water bowls / fountains and food bowls. It’s important that your cat has a wider water bowl for their whiskers. I see a lot of bowls that really aren’t designed for cats. If you don’t want it knocked over all the time, make sure it is not too light. Also some cats are allergic to plastic. Here is a darling one you can have customized on Etsy. She also has several other options to chose from.

image source-BarbaraStoneware

 If you have flat faced cats as I do, a water fountain or water bottle works great for keeping their ruff (fur) dry.

Also for persians, a slanted food bowl will keep your home so much cleaner and your kitty happy. Think how hard it is for them to eat with their face smashed into a bowl. I bought two different ones. One with a stainless steel bowl that is removable (I have a raw food eater and this is the most sterile way to serve his food), and just a plain plastic one. They come in pretty colors, so I picked a blue and a pink one. Unfortunately no patterns. They used to get 90% off the food on the floor rather in their mouth. Now only a kibble or two ends up out of the bowl!

Here is a link to the one I bought on Amazon that cost about $13:

I hope you enjoyed my post on decorating with cats in mind and that it brought you some insight. I couldn’t think of my life without a cat in it! Oh, and for a funny read check out the book below!













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