I never purchased an area rug until about 3 years ago. When I did, I put it over carpet in my bedroom, and it wrinkled up within a day. The one in the kitchen, I later bought, I put a thin rug gripper under to keep it from slipping. That worked and I hear tape does as well. But what about keeping a rug from curling up on carpet? How do those of us with carpeted floors get to add a dash of pattern and color, without stumbling over large wrinkles on the floor?How DO you keep your rug from wrinkling up on carpet? Is it even possible? 

If it was up to my loving husband he would say, “just don’t put down a rug, when there is carpet there anyway.” I was about to agree with him, every picture I took with my rug in it, was angled so you couldn’t see the many wrinkles. (Well, okay you can still see some wrinkles even with a better angle.) I failed just short of saying,”let’s pull up all the new carpet and put down hardwood!’ However, being the frugal person I am, reality sank in and told me that I am loving this carpet until it is ragged and has to be replaced! So I put it down in the middle of my craft room, and if you look at the picture below you can see where it wrinkled and curled up in big rolls near the edge.

Every month I would ask my husband to help me tug the rug and get the wrinkles out. He would and it would look better for about an hour. Then came a solution –  Carpet Lock Rug Pad by Rug Pad USA .

*In exchange for an honest review I was sent a carpet lock rug pad, custom cut for my rug. This is 100% my opinion and honest review.  Here is what they say about the pad on their website: With more than 45 ounces of felt and rubber per square yard, Carpet Lock provides a concentrated, dense buffer between your carpet and rug that prevents shifting, wrinkling, and bunching under foot traffic.Carpet Lock felt under-surface is uniquely textured to fasten itself to the fibers in your wall-to-wall carpet; its non-slip natural rubber surface layer is designed to prevent rugs from buckling & sliding while walking on. 

I was willing to give it a try and excited to see if it would live up to their claim. I had my doubts, but was also full of optimism. I did read on their site that they offer free returns within 30 days and will pay the return shipping, so they really do stand behind their products.

Here is the before:

You can see how big the wrinkles are, and from the back it shows how deep. This was wrinkled up from one side to the other.

It tends to bunch up more where it is around the table legs. When it arrived I was surprised by how thick it is.

Another great thing is they are made in the USA and are free of harsh chemicals, Eco-friendly. So no odor! I rolled it out with the rubber side up and put my rug on top.

After rolling out my rug on top, I was surprised at how it seemed to already absorb most of the wrinkles. I know that sounds strange,but is really the only way to describe it. Everyone in the family took turns walking on it and we all exclaimed that it felt like walking on pillows. (Rug is from Home Goods.)

To be fair and give it a truly honest review, I put heavy books and magazine on the wrinkles that had been set in on the rug for over a year. I knew not to expect absolutely no wrinkles, when these had been set in for a long time. Yet, already it did seem to make most magically disappear.  So I let the books stay on it for two days and nights. I had tried this before without the carpet lock, and it always failed to take out the wrinkles.

Days later I went to take them off and……….. WOW! It worked! There is only a slight wrinkle right around the table legs, that I’m sure is just unavoidable. However, that’s it! The giant wrinkles you could trip over are gone! Now it is just a nice soft rug to walk on, without hazards! Hooray! Look at the front of the table where there are no chairs, it is now flat!

See? There is only an indent by the leg now.


I can now take photos from every angle without being embarrassed. So, I would have to say I highly recommend using the Carpet Lock Pad from Rug Pad USA. It really did work. I’m so glad I found out how to get the wrinkles out of my rug on the carpet, and hope it helped you as well. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and check out their website for more detailed information. Now if only I could find some magic cream to remove the wrinkles from my forehead….







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