I’m so excited to be part of this year’s Christmas Tour of Homes. When I was asked to join in by Nikki of Sweet Parrish Place, I was so excited and honored!  There are 28 homes total that will be a part of the tour this week. I have them all listed below after my tour.

I decided to keep this year’s decor simple since we have a lot of activities and not much time. Also if you know me well, you know I almost never buy new holiday decor if it’s not on sale. So even though I knew I had to do this post, I kept to my budget. I always buy holiday decor after the holiday when it goes down to almost nothing. So the new pieces are from last year’s Christmas sales. Other than the tree of course!

My husband and stepson removed the hammock swing to put the tree up in the corner. I wanted to create a pretty tablescape without spending a ton of money, so the greenery is all from the free bin at Lowe’s that were clipped off the Christmas trees.

It smells so good! I added some candlelight, brought in some of my plants, and arranged a bunch of miniature roses I picked up from Kroger ($7). This is my craftroom, but serves as an extra dining area when we have a lot of company. I thought this would be the perfect spot for us to eat this month by the tree. The center mercury cloche is an anniversary gift from my husband. It’s from Wisteria.

One of my best friends gave me the pretty pheasant salt and pepper shakers. I usually have the Charles Dickens bust in the living room, however since he is the author of the Christmas Carol, I felt this was only fitting. I wanted to put the book beside him, but the library had all of them checked out. (I’m a total book nerd and proud of it.)

I had to bake cupcake’s to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

I like putting flowers in various juice glasses, creamers, and bottles. I was going to do a pink and gold tree, but ended up making some poms poms in navy for the tree. I love how it turned out. I also strung a banner cut out of paper that says believe, peace, and holy. Our ornaments are a mix from my husband’s childhood, his son’s, and ones I bought the first year we were married of woodland creatures. I love looking at all the vintages ones of his mothers.

I tried to get the pets to wear elf hats but none of them were having it!

Scout refused to even look at the camera. I know I’m so cruel. Lord Tilden just tried to eat the ornaments, but hey at least it kept him still!

Thanks for stopping by! Please go check out the rest of the home tours for today and the rest of the week. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram the other links throughout the week. If you missed the homes from Monday and Tuesday they are provided below as well. The posts won’t go live until the day they are listed under. There are so many different homes and styles to see. I found a lot of great inspiration to use in the future as well as some wonderful ladies to now follow. I want to thank all of you that worked so hard on this. Thanks to you I felt inspired to do something different than years past.


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